Routines are so important for autistic individuals, but sometimes it is okay to flip it around on them to see how they can practice these skills as well. Because we all know that life throws you curves, but it is how you prepare for them.

Recently, I had a relative come to visit us and she decided to invite another individual whom we had never met before as well as two more. Don’t get me wrong, although I very much wanted to see this relative it through my son and the rest of the family all for a loop when she not only invited more people to our home, but also people we had not seen in years. As far as my autistic son was concerned, he was just going to see the ONE relative, not 4 more people whom he had never met OR that we prepped him for. It through our whole day off and eventually I decided that it was not a good idea to even go through with it, especially since our relative did not give us a far enough notice in advance as well. Needless to say, this is why routine and planning is so very important. Unfortunately, not very many of our family members “GET IT”, so there have been very many awkward situations where inevitably things have to be rescheduled/cancelled altogether.

I hope you enjoy this YouTube video that I discovered about Routines and how important they are for your autistic loved one.