Price: $9.99 (as of right now)

Cevioce is a new fidget toy that was recently launched in their new fidget toy series. The new design fits in the palm of your hand. The simple gameplay of rotation makes your hand with nowhere to rest get a home! Fidget gyro can be disassembled and reassembled. You pick your favorite color!

Safety features: Made of environmentally friendly plastic material. The surface is smooth, non-toxic and allergen free. So, you don’t have to worry about fidget gyro safety.

Who is it suitable for: The fidget gyro toy is suitable for kids, teens and adults. It can help adults relieve stress and anxiety. It can also relieve Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, caused by using the mouse for a long time. For kids, they are the best toys for exercising finger dexterity, activating brain thinking and improving concentration.

iTechjoy Pop 3 Pack Fidget Toys 

Price: $10.99(as of right now)


Advanced Customized Popper-Unique pop bubble shapes of Ice Cream & Strawberry & Pineapple fidget toys will fascinate you! These bubbles push it toys have bright colors and crisp “pop pop” sounds, it will be surely hooked by kids and adults.

Reassuring Material– The bubble popping sensory toy is made of high-quality silicone material. Its material makes it not only thick and not easily punctured, but also soft and comfortable when touching. This fidget push toy is designed with an excellent user experience in mind.

Funny Interactive Toy-Popping with your friends, classmates, workmates, kids or parents, improves relationships and increases intimacy. The pop-pop bubble fidgit toys also can cultivate logical thinking and train sensory abilities while having fun.

Stress Relieves Toys-The pop fidget game can help relieve stress and anxiety, restore your mood, and produce happiness. It also can prevent adults and kids from tearing clothes, playing with hair, or biting nails when they are nervous.

Multifunctional Toys-The rainbow sensory fidgets toys are with mufti-use, its function makes it can be a stress toy, game tool, Frisbee, mold, coaster, or as an ideal gift for 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11+ years old girls boys man women children adult in valentines day holiday, goodie bags, meeting souvenir, party favors. Children also can learn more shapes, letters, and numbers from the poppet fidget toy pack.

SCRATCHIEZ Magnetic Rings Fidget Toys

Price: $10.99 (as of right now)


The newest fidget stress relief toy: Have fun with these cool magnetic rings! These toys for adults and children have a sleek design and are super fun to use. You can do amazing tricks for your friends or use them as a magic prop, to show your magician skills.

Glow in the dark: What makes these fidget toys truly amazing is that they are made of a special material that glows in the dark. Gather your friends and show them your fidget skills, leaving everyone amazed with the spectacular light show and your awesome tricks.

Easy to play with: These fidget rings are super easy to operate. Balanced and lightweight, the rings provide a smooth, consistent rotation, without falling off. Also, our magnetic rings are stable and can be used with only one hand to perform your tricks effortlessly.

Stress relief: Besides being so much fun, the fidget toys for adults can be also a good way to take the mind off your problems. The smooth rotation of the rings can be very calming and can help you to relax, clear your mind, and stimulate your imagination.

What you get: Our magnet toys set contains 6 rings of different colors: orange, blue, and green. The rings are made with a special material that makes them glow in the dark. Also, we provide a plastic fidget box so you can store the toys for more convenience.