My autistic son had a bad day yesterday and it was all because someone did not do their job right. When you tell an autistic individual about how to do an assignment make sure you give them proper directions, so that they are clear on what needs to be done. You would think that after working with an autistic student for almost 3 years in middle school that you “get” it.

Thankfully I was able to hang out a little when I dropped my son off yesterday morning, so that he could make it through his day. There are good days and bad days on this autism journey and yesterday was one of those “sort of good days”. My son was able to turn it around, depending on who you asked about his day. He has 3 para educators that work with him on a daily basis in his 6 hour day of school, so it changes daily.

In spite of my rant today about yesterday’s morning I am glad that I have days like this where I can get it out and share. If you are a mom of a special needs child know that you are not alone and that I get it. Take it One day at a time and the rest will hopefully follow.

Have a good day!