One of the many transitions that comes once a year is the transition from school to summer break. Parents of special needs children do not have it any easier than the majority. We have to find ways to break the monotony of it all, so we don’t hear ‘I’m Bored’ for the 100th time. So I am going to give a list of things to do during summer vacation that can break the “I’m bored cycles” and also help you out in the process of not going totally insane. 🙂

There’s Nothing to Do I am Bored!

Go to the Library

It is FREE of charge to go to your local library where they have a myriad of events for all ages and across all cultures. Plus you may find some books on sale as well and save even more because they are usually not that expensive as well.

Play a Board Game

When was the last time you sat down with your children and played a board game(not on your PC or mobile phone), just good old fashioned board games where you sit on the floor and just enjoy your family’s company? If you can’t remember when you did this last, start now.

Classic Monopoly Game

Go to a Museum

One of the Many locations to Explore During the Summer Months

Museums are just fun all the way around. In our area there is a Music, Children’s, Pacific Science Center and More. This gives you a chance to get out of the house and explore all that your city or little town has to offer, especially when it comes to the summertime and hanging out with your kids so they are not bored.

Watch a Movie

Get out and watch a cheap matinee movie with buttered popcorn, candy…the works. Enjoy it and relax. There is nothing like going to a movie theater and sitting in the cushy seats and just chilling without having to worry about deadlines, work schedules and what not.

Daily Worksheets

Every summer and after Spring Break this year I started doing worksheets. In our case, the worksheets are mostly functional, more along the lines of life skills and work tasks because before we know it our son will be 18 and working. I am trying to incorporate as much functional worksheets as I can so that our son has an idea about shopping for groceries, correct change, and filling out applications or even creating his first resume. It is important to instill these skills as soon as you can or whenever you feel it is necessary. We felt that he was getting enough academic skills but not enough functional so I started giving him more functional worksheets at home.

Daily Worksheets


Summer is a time to sit back and relax with your family and take it easy. With a special needs child, it is no different. Take the time out for yourself and let your son or daughter do the same. Transitions are tough and the long summer months seem like they will last forever, but remember to enjoy every moment and memory because life is too short.

Summer 2019