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Going to a regular school is more than just education. School kids get to mingle with their peers and teachers and in the process acquire social skills that are important when they progress into adult life.

Some critics have criticized that homeschooling does not fulfill this aspect of education. Since the child is studying alone at home, it does not give him/her the opportunity to pick up social skills. Some critics even pointed out that homeschooling children are less able to express themselves compared to the regular school goers.

However, studies have shown quite the opposite. Public school children are put under fiercely competitive school environments. The net result is that they lack the confidence to initiate or hold a conversation. They do not know how to interact with other age group people. Some seems to have no social skills at all! This is indeed worrying.

On the other hand, homeschooling children are more aware of the implications and purpose of their learning. They are also able to make intelligent comments and are more attentive when studying.

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The studies concluded that public school students can pick up bad influences from their peers while homeschooling children are shielded from such negative influences. In our case, our autistic son was exposed to some really inappropriate behavior and he would mimic this ‘bad’ behavior when he would come home. There were other aspects in the public school setting that was just as disturbing, but overall, we have discovered that a homeschool environment was the right one along.

In my own opinion, homeschooling children are better prepared with the tools necessary to face all the craziness in the world. Being shielded from negative influences from their school aged peers plus the positive influences from parents will help them to be more versatile and a more well-rounded individual.

As we all know, every child is different, and some may even thrive in a public school setting it all depends on the child and what he/she needs to grow in their education. Wherever you are in deciding if homeschooling is right for your child or not, you know your child best and how they learn. Good Luck!


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