Well, It is officially summer for our kids as of yesterday. Although we are excited as any family should be after the year ends we still have lots of questions as to why our autistic son has not progressed beyond a third grade level across ALL subjects.  Life keeps moving as we are sometimes overwhelmed by it all.

But with every frustration in our lives in the quest of advocating and making it happen for our autistic son, there needs to be a plan in place to counter act the inaction of  public school education. You have to understand that it was not very long ago that our special needs children were not allowed in the very institutions we are fighting today just to support our children academically and inclusively. How much progress is enough?

Is is right to move a special needs child forward to the next grade, when it is emphatically and apparently clear that there has been very little academic progress if at all?

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Only you, as a parent and advocate for your special needs child can make that call and assess your child thoroughly, so that they are given a proper free and appropriate education. An education that will help them navigate the world successfully, gain employment, and overall have the best chance of a decent quality of life.

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