Hello and Welcome to my Blog!
Summer is 44 days away and I am totally freaking out as to what to do for the summer and beyond for my autistic son and his teenage sister. The good thing is that the kids will be able to sleep in most days and the challenge is keeping them occupied, having fun and learning in the weeks ahead. 

When my kids were younger and did not talk back as much I joined several mom groups in my area and although they were great at first, it became quite clear that we just did not fit in. So I ended up trying to start a mom group at my church but that did not work out either. To make a long story short I mostly had to wing it and do what I could to be involved in my community. This was way before our son was diagnosed with autism, but it was still hard and very heartbreaking to see him not make any friends…well he did have one friend that we had met through a local online school for 6 years but unfortunately his friend’s mom remarried and that was that. Thankfully, my little guy did not take it too hard, but does ask about his long time friend every now and then, but hopes that he is happy with his new life and new dad. Things happen for a reason and last a season. Life goes on.  

Fast forward to now…it has not been easy but we have been successful in getting them involved in some kind of outdoor activity and/or summer program, especially my daughter who is definitely a 15 year old going on 18 or maybe even 20:-). Sometimes she is like a mother hen to her autistic brother and we have to gently remind her to allow us to be the parents, so she can remain a child and live out her teen years. 

What I know for sure that even though I am freaking out about what the summer of 2018 has in store for our family, it will be definitely be memorable, relaxing, fun and full of great memories. 

Have an Awesome Summer 2018!