Lots of transition coming our way way with our autistic son who will be in 8th grade this year in the Fall of 2019. It went by so fast….and there is still so much to do to keep him on track and progressing. So far there has been no academic progress and no testing from our local middle school. What is a parent to do when the road seems so long and exhausting.

Be an Advocate. Fight for your child’s Rights. Consistency is Key. Quitting is Not an Option.

There is 3 more weeks left before school will be closed for the summer and I have some idea of how to keep my kids busy, but the challenge is to keep them engaged as well. Now add autistic preteen to the mix and things begin to get really interesting:-).

Summer Sounds Yummy!

Transitions are hard, but doable it all depends on what you do with this and make lemonade out of lemons. So onward to a summer filled with adventure, learning, and relaxation. Make sure that whatever you do have fun and make some memories.