Summer Break is Around the Corner

Good Evening,

I am about to start dinner and thought about all the changes coming up this summer. Our oldest will be a senior in high school and our youngest autistic son is entering eighth grade. We are excited about these new chapters in our kids’ lives and also about some other changes to his academic special education teacher as well. Unfortunately, his Special Education teacher will be leaving us next year and has decided to teach 5th grade elementary instead. We are happy for her new endeavor, but will miss all that she has done and accomplished with other students as well as our son.

Change is inevitable in life and thankfully our son took this change like a champ and we are so very proud of all that he has accomplished this year. We have no idea who his new special education teacher will be but as I have said time and time again we will continue to advocate and make sure he continues to get all the support he needs.

Have a wonderful summer and keep learning:-)