This year has been extremely tough for special needs students because they have missed out on so much this past year(like everyone else). The only difference is “most everyone else” do not struggle with the day to day living skills that we all take for granted and need extra help. Now add academic, community services, and extracurricular activities that pretty much disappeared because of the pandemic and most likely will not come back or dwindle away like most special needs services.

That is pretty scary to think about and digest, especially as a special needs parent. For us, we decided to learn remotely because for our autistic teen son this is what worked for him and us. We have tried Co-Ops, Public online virtual school, Part-Time and then the pandemic hit and we were forced into the shadows once again. Thankfully, it all worked out but it is not that way for the ones left behind and have to go to in person learning and need that one on one interaction with peers, despite the looming danger of renegade COVID-10 virus strains out there. This is a crazy world that we are living in right now and I hope it gets better before it gets worse. At the end of the day, we are thankful for free will and choices and hope that when it comes to educating our children that this right will never be forced or taken away.

Please enjoy the YouTube Clip below about a special needs teen who just entered high school and has returned to in person learning, despite all that is going on. In the meantime, take care of yourself and each other.