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Families have homeschooled their children throughout history. Homeschooling fell out of fashion when modern public schools were developed, until homeschooling began again in the early 1980s. Since that time some of those homeschool graduates have continued their education, but it hasn’t always been easy to go on to college.

Until recently, being accepted into college after homeschooling has been uncommon, but times are changing. In fact, many colleges now seek out homeschool graduates for admission. The reasons they do so are varied, but it boils down to the fact that homeschooled students already know how to learn.

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Should your child pursue a college education after being homeschooled? That is a decision only you and your child can make. While college is different from public school, there are some similarities. If your child has not been used to the structure of public school, you need to realize that they may struggle in college. Don’t let that dissuade your child; the struggles can be overcome if they put forth some effort.

If your child is interested in furthering their education, by all means allow them to pursue it. Encourage them to reach for their dream. Your job, however, will increase as you have to keep very good records. Your child will need a transcript that you create, or you can sign up with a homeschool cover that will create the transcript for you.

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What are the requirements for gaining entrance to college? Each college has their own admissions requirements. Check with the college your student is interested in attending. The college should have their requirements listed on their website or you can write for a catalog for further information.

Quite often children will be homeschooled until they reach high school so that the student will be able to get a diploma. Others will continue to homeschool through high school and take correspondence courses to earn their diploma.

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Seek out the help and advice from the college Registrar. They will be able to inform you of any special requirements for homeschoolers. They will also be able to tell you if there are other options for those seeking admission without a traditional education. An option that isn’t often considered if a student wants to continue their education is to seek admission after turning 19. This will classify the student as “mature” and changes the criteria for entering college. In some colleges, the age to classify as mature is 21. Check the college of your choice before using this option.

Finally, when considering a possible college education, make sure that your child has begun to contact potential colleges in plenty of time for the application process. They will also need to fulfill the other college admissions requirements. Encourage them to seek their dreams and do all you can to help them go from homeschool graduate to college student.