By Kristi Bernard

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Author Daniel Harvell has recently released his first novel in a new series titled “Wishing Will.” This great read has characters that are easy to relate to, which is great for his target audience, middle grade readers especially boys. His story focuses on a chubby teen, named Will Cricket, who has found the secret to making a wish come true. By searching the internet Will discovers a legend that states on November 11th at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm a wish can be granted.

When Will puts this theory to the test he finds that it worked but it has also attracted some very strange and colorfully cool observers. Will learns this cast of unusual characters are literally stars from an inter-galactic group called Sky Castle Network Enterprises or better known as the SCENE. After careful observation and discussion with Will, they decide to grant his wish. The catch is he has to do something for them. He has to grant wishes to those in need. Unfortunately, it will be those very same kids who pick on him and make his life miserable. In addition to that, there are plenty of rules and regulations he will have to learn before his wish will be granted.

Will is given powers. And as he focuses on his new abilities, he still has to deal with family problems at home, school bullies and a villain, basically an evil genie, who wants to destroy humans and take over the world of SCENE. When Will discovers his grandmother has been kidnapped by the genie that dilemma just adds to pile of things to do. Can Will control his powers, grant the required wishes, save his granny and two worlds without breaking any rules?

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“Wishing Will” has everything to engage boys and even girls. There’s humor, adventure, school shenanigans and even a nasty villain. Harvell prides himself on being deligent on following his dream of writing. According to Harvell, ” Like many writers, I have ideas for books, and I just have to get them out. There’s something extremely rewarding in having your story become “real” on the computer screen and then on printed paper.”

If you know a boy who won’t pick up a book, then it will be worth your while to introduce him to “Wishing Will” for a good fun read. This is also a book and a great opportunity for parents, teachers, and caregivers to open up dialogue about bullying, family issues and social issues that develop at school. Parents and teachers can also use this book as a read aloud.

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