Through our Daughter’s Eyes

Our daughter, who is now in her teens, was only 8 years old when her little brother was diagnosed with autism and hit her especially hard. What typical families don’t realize is that siblings of special needs brothers or sisters take on a very protective nurturing role and in our case sometimes become ‘second parents’ to their special needs siblings. There is also an underlying resentment, at times, of why this special needs sibling gets more attention, while they are ‘left behind’. We still struggle, from time to time, to make sure both of our kids get the attention and one on one time they deserve but there are always those cases you hear about that it doesn’t always go so smoothly. These books below have been some of the books that I shared with our daughter so that she not only understood that she mattered, but also that we love her just as much as we love her brother unconditionally and always.

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