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I created this resource page for special needs families who may not understand all the research and advocacy that parents have to do for their special needs son or daughter or what it will take so that they can succeed in this crazy world of ours. Here are just some of the resources I have used and continue to use, as our son grows and learns and breaking barriers as well to his right to a Free and Appropriate Education and proper academic supports.




Education, Teaching, Homeschooling & Advocacy







“I referred to this book during those times during my homeschooling when I needed some examples of reading passages that were short and easily processed, so that my son would not become so overwhelmed and also be able to process what he was reading. So I keep it, just in case because you should always be prepared”. 





“I will probably start teaching our son how to cook soon, since he is now in high school. Although he had a Culinary class last semester, he unfortunately did not have the opportunity to cook in person because of the pandemic. Thankfully we had this book in our possession to be able to show pictures of step by step recipes in a visual way. Priceless”!





“The title says it all in regards to teaching an autistic child how to help themselves and advocate as well”.





“When our son was first diagnosed with autism back in 2011, this was the first resource book that the UW Autism Psychologist recommended and we still use it today. Your life is going to change drastically after that first ball drops and you realize that your son or daughter has a lifelong disability.”





“When we first shared with our oldest daughter about her little brother having a lifelong disability, she was 8 years old and asked if she was going to get it too:-(. I just remember thinking to myself that she is not little mom, but a big sister and should be able to live her life fully without the burden of taking care of her little brother. But on the other hand we don’t want her to just totally abandon him either. This book was a great resource and blessing to me so that we were able to see how she truly felt through her eyes as a big sister of a special needs sibling.”





“The title alone of IEP brings all kinds of emotions and feelings, when it comes to parents of special needs children, but is a great tool to know your child’s rights, as well as your own as being a valuable member of the IEP Team and a proper and fair education for your son or daughter.”





“This is another great and informative resource from Wright’s law when it comes to what the law says in advocating for your special needs child and making sure the proper resources and accommodations are being addressed and in a timely manner. Excellent Book! Every family of a special needs child, should have it in their home library and refer to it often.”