“Sometime I want to Throw My Hands Up in the Air”

Every single year we discuss accommodations for our son because it is a brand new IEP team and they are getting to know us, as well as our son. Some teachers remember him but others, not so much. Remember when I said that the school district got rid of the special needs autistic classroom this year because they were unable to hire a new teacher? Well, it has been interesting to say the least.

Yes, this is definitely a vent because parent advocating is HARD work, repetitive and frustrating. It boggles our minds sometimes when a school says that they will accommodate your child, but then don’t actually DO the action of what is said on a legally binding piece of documentation….***ARGH***. So then we have to set up a meeting and make sure that these accommodations are implemented, not when they feel like it or when it suits their needs. It doesn’t make any sense?! At the end of the day, we hope to accomplish one thing, well a few things and it is to be heard and communicated with. As a whole, I feel the entire process of getting parents of special needs students support is OK, but could be better. There are lots of parents that are not supported and really don’t have a clue when it comes to advocating for their special needs child and even now in our son’s 13th year, he has only been educated by our local school district for just 5 years, where the other 6 years we ended up homeschooling our son because school accommodations were either non-existent, lacking, or just not following what was on our son’s IEP to begin with. Let that sink in for a minute.

Our job right now and until the ends of time is to make sure our son gets the accommodations he needs to live, work, and learn how to function in a world that isn’t prepared for him, so we have to prepare him for the world.

Keep Advocating for your child because NO ONE ELSE WILL.