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National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day History, Celebration Ideas, Facts, Significance, and More info

The origin of National Friendship Day can be traced back to America. The story behind National Friendship Day celebrations dates back to August First Sunday, Ireland when King William IV established the annual Claddagh Pageant. While celebrating the friendship between the British and Irish, the celebration would include many symbols representing the union. For instance, in this day, the crown was an important symbol representing the British Crown, and the shamrock, which is a symbol of Ireland, was also used as a symbol for the Irish.

On the first Sunday of August every year, people all over the world celebrate National Friendship Day. While there are several countries that celebrate this day on another day, on this particular date in the United States, honored those who have made the biggest friendships, regardless of size or proximity. When National Friendship Day was created, it was actually an attempt to create a day to recognize those that had made lasting friendships as Americans. Today, National Friendship Day has evolved into a much more formal celebration that includes a wide range of parades, dinners, and special presentations. Each year, events are added that further recognize the importance of friendships and the ways in which they enrich human relationships.

Happy Friendship Day!