I will start off this post by saying I hope you had a safe and Happy 4th of July with your families. Being autistic has its ups and downs as I will explain in more detail below.

My youngest is starting Middle School this year and he is autistic. We taught him ourselves for about 4 years and counting for various reasons, but the most prominent were because he was not supported well in his academics at the public school level and really struggled socially as well. He has come a long way through and it has really made a difference in most of his academic subjects, but he still has his good days and bad days. Our hope, as a family is to trust that the school district will do the right thing and give him the support he so desperately needs, especially now that he is beginning middle school. The growth and milestones that we have seen him go through have been many, as well as the times that he has lost his skills as well, due to lack of knowledge at the elementary school level.

We continue to support him and guide him as he matures in all aspects of life; socially, academically, daily living skills and the many more milestones to come. Whatever happens, we will continue to advocate and support him so that he can be a part of the larger picture and society. Isn’t that what all parents want?

To find out more about how autistic children do in the beginning Middle School days, here is an excellent article on the subject, which is near and dear to my heart: