Homeschooling is one the latest trends in education, although the concept of homeschooling originated in the 20th century. This was during the time before public education came into being. It is not until now that it has become a more viable option for many families who have children who are still going to school, especially since the COVID pandemic.

Some famous people to have acquired a homeschool education were Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Jane Austen to name a few.

Which only goes to show that individuals who have not acquired a formal education can also become successful in life.

In fact, some surveys that were conducted with homeschooled individuals show that more of these individuals are involved in their communities and have a higher percentage rate when it comes to voting. 58.9% of them also claim that they are very happy with their lives, compared with 27.6% of the rest of the population who also make this claim.

There are many career options for homeschooled individuals such as business, computer programming, military careers, internships, and more. It is important to expose your children to as many opportunities as possible, especially if they are subjects or places that they excel at. But before embarking on a career most homeschooled students choose to go to college first. There are a number of colleges that accept students with a homeschool background.

Many highschool students who are undergoing homeschooling simultaneously take college courses to earn credits. These credits count towards the credit their going to accumulate once they go to college. Homeschooled students have been known to score high in college entrance exams.

There are some stereotypical views that have been attached to individuals that have acquired their education through homeschooling. Such as that these individuals tend to be reclusive, antisocial, or extreme in their views when it comes to religion. Thankfully these types of views are no longer the norm since homeschooling has now become more mainstream.

Many parents have become extremely dissatisfied with the way the public school system has become. Not only do they fear for their children’s safety, but the quality of what they are teaching and/or lacking. That’s why a lot of these concerned parents have made the decision to have their children homeschooled. A decision that now seems to be paying off.

Since the past decade the number of homeschooled students has multiplied, now resulting in responsible adults who have stable jobs and thriving careers in their chosen fields of endeavor, proving that homeschooling provides an excellent quality of education.