Welcome to HomeSchoolSpecNeedsTidBits.com. The resource and lifestyle website geared toward homeschooling special needs children. It has definitely been a journey and we continue to live it everyday. I write about the ups and downs in my week or day in our Blog. Share Articles and HSSN Resources, Autism, Transitions, Seasonal and Special Needs.

Special Needs

Articles that are about special needs and unique situations and how to navigate instances/situations that people usually take for granted.

HSSN Tidbits Articles and HSSN Resources

Articles that either I have written, other authors and resources that I use on a daily, monthly, and sometimes ongoing basis.


All things that pertain to autism and the many nuances of how this developmental and lifelong disability has changed our lives forever.


Transitions from the day to day to adult lives and daily living skills or even how a schedule change can throw off most autistic individuals if it is not exactly the same.


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Last, but certainly not least are the seasonal articles that I will sometimes throw in there from time to time because who doesn’t love a heartwarming story or article about special needs parenting. Every family celebrates differently and special needs families are no different.

I hope that you learn something new about parenting a special needs child as well as find helpful resources on HomeSchoolSpecNeedsTidbits.com.