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Hear ye! Hear ye! The ‘ber’ months will be here before you know it!

When people start to hear about months ending in B-E-R, they all feel the clock sounding tic toc as it fast approaches the holiday season.

Christmas is the season to be jolly…. Falalalalalalala! For the kids, it’s the merry month where they get so excited about gifts and other stuff that Santa brings. And for most, it’s the time of the year when all the streets are busy and filled up with traffic while people swoon over shopping malls to find the perfect Christmas gift ideas for their families and friends.

Of course, this year is a bit different because of COVID-19, but still full of hope, cheer, and sharing memories with family. Christmas gift ideas need not be repetitive or monotonous. One might say “Oh, I know what I’ll be getting this Christmas. If it’s from Aunt Udi, it’ll be a north pole replica paperweight.” Or “Mrs. Sullivan will give me another box of her fruit cake. That has been her gift-giving trademark for as long as I can remember.” Hey, there are lots of Christmas gift ideas you can up with! Be creative, resourceful, and imaginative!

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Don’t you want people to remember you for the nicest and most unique Christmas gift ideas you send them every year?

Here are some new and exciting Christmas gift ideas to help you out:

1. Chef Santa on the Run!

Cooking is not only a mommy’s craft. This Christmas gift idea is a fun learning activity for the whole family. While all the ingredients are available in the grocery downtown, it is also a perfect time to teach your kids or friends some cooking and baking lessons. Try experimenting on your home-made fruitcake, gingerbread house, and Christmas cookies. This is not only a classic Christmas gift idea but a sure fun way to develop your craft for cooking.

2. Relive the sound of Christmas Carols

Everyone has a favorite Christmas song. But wouldn’t it a nice Christmas gift idea to make a compilation of old and new Christmas songs sung by various artists? A perfect Christmas gift idea that sounds music to the ears!

3. Candies, Anyone!

No matter how candy canes are soooo last year, they are still a hit to all kids! Instead of the traditional white and red striped candy canes. Why not try on some chocolate candy cane? A strawberry candy cane? Or an orange candy cane? Have as many varieties of candy cane as you can and try to come up with repackaged gift bags to make it more enticing. Kids, or even teens, will surely love this Christmas gift idea.

4. Christmas Craft and Decorations

Surprise your pal with this personalized Christmas gift idea. If he is a die-hard music lover cut out some musical notes or his favorite icons that he can hang around the tree. I’m sure he’d love to have something that no one else has. This cool Christmas gift idea is so unique and adds a bit of your personal touch.

5. Frame It Up!

Want to bring your special someone in tears? No, I mean tears of joy. This cool Christmas gift idea will surely melt snow. I mean, your sweetie’s heart. Try to create and design a picture frame and draw yourselves as Mr. and Mrs. Santa. Or if you aren’t artistic enough to draw, cut out some pictures and replace their faces with yours and your honey’s, and be sure to pick your best and sweetest shot. This will make him/her think how much effort did you exert to come up with a sweet Christmas gift idea like this.

These are just some of the hundreds of Christmas gift ideas, you can come up with every year. Whether you bought it in a shopping mall or you’ve made it yourself, be sure to pick the right Christmas gift idea for the right person. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

By MomAdvocate