Quick and Easy Autism Cookbook

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What you Will Need for this Recipe

*It can be any type of baked beans that you enjoy:-)

1 can of your favorite baked beans

4 diced hot dogs

2 Tbsp of pureed beets

2 Tbsp of spaghetti sauce

2 Tbsp of pureed yams

*Note: In regard to your blender, it can be any blender that you have on hand, it does not have to be the magic bullet, this is one that we own and use but any other blender will puree just fine.


Get a blender and puree your beets and yams and measure out how much you need for this recipe and put into a small pot and add the rest of the other ingredients (baked beans, hot dogs and spaghetti sauce) into a cooking pot. Cook according to the baked beans can. Stir well throughout cooking. Serve!