Autism Parenting

Finding Balance While Parenting Autism in Color

We live in an ever-changing world that sometimes knocks you off your feet and other times leaves you feeling grateful for options and/or other opportunities. We are raising an autistic special needs teenager in a world that may or may not accept him for who he is, what he can or cannot do, and also that he is a young man of color.

I am sure that when you read the above paragraph it may leave you feeling ‘some kind of way’ or apologetic for circumstances that you cannot control but know that advocating for our son is definitely a balancing act as well. Most people do not walk in our shoes every day or endure the small battles we may experience on a day-to-day/monthly/weekly basis. It can be downright exhausting (emotionally & physically), but we keep going and pushing because we have a huge responsibility to raise a young man, so that he can live his best life.

So, we strive every day to thank God for our blessings and treat people with kindness. You never know what kind of day a person may be having and saying “Thank You’ or giving someone an extra tip for their awesome customer service. It goes a long way. It’s all a balancing act of paying it forward and taking each day as it comes.

If you are a special needs parent reading this article about how we balance it all, I encourage you to also find a support group of like-minded parents, who are experiencing all the ups and downs you may be experiencing as well. Good Luck in finding the balance that works for you and your family.