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Try These Family Routines To Make Homeschooling Work For You

When one decides to homeschool, there is so much to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You may feel confused about what to expect and how homeschooling will affect your daily lives? The homeschool family may choose to create a schedule for everyone to follow, or they may choose a routine that will be effective for their families.

For some people, a set schedule is the best way to run their lives. For others, however, having everything planned out in fifteen minute increments doesn’t sound like fun. Where structure might be desired, it sometimes isn’t always practical. Conversely, while being relaxed might be great, some routines are needed to be effective as homeschoolers.

Schedules and routines for homeschooling are as varied as the families that homeschool. Here are a couple of routine types that a family can follow:

  1. School at home would have the children keeping a similar schedule as those in public school. This would include getting up at a specific time every day and then starting their day with either breakfast or chores as the first order of the day. Following that, the children would be given 45 minutes per subject, just like if they were in public school, and they would have a printed schedule to go by for their day.
  2. If you’re not super content with this approach, a more relaxed routine might be more what you’re looking for. If this is the case, you may start your day whenever one of the children gets out of bed. You can work with that one child, undisturbed, until the other children make their presence known. This type of routine would be more staggered, with mom giving special attention to each child as they rise.
  3. Some homeschoolers don’t really have a set schedule or routine for actual schoolwork. They may allow the children to choose which subject they want to do first, and continue in that way until all subjects are covered. This type of routine is great for those students who are self-starters and can work without supervision.
  4. While these routines might be helpful, there are the people that completely against anything planned and live life by the seats of their pants. This is the type of person that allows the day to happen to them, taking each moment as it comes and living their life to the fullest. They often have more fun, but may have a little bit of a problem finishing projects and school work.

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Whichever routine or schedule you choose to follow, just remember that all work and no play make Jack a very dull boy:-). Take some time out of your scheduled day to enjoy your children. Plan some free time on your calendar to allow them to just relish in being a child. After all, part of the reason you chose to homeschool was so you could spend quality time with your children. Let the schedules and routines slip every now and then. You’ll be glad you did, and your children will thank you for it.

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