employment for autistic

Although this will not be happening for another 7-8 years, the road will be long and windy for my special needs autistic son. That statistic above, does not look very promising so I don’t know what the next 7 years will look like in terms of my husband & I taking care of ourselves, as well as an adult autistic son. We will have to take it one day at a time and seek out all of the information available to us in regards to what the next 7 years will look like for him.

He has mentioned becoming an artist, community service/volunteering and nothing else. We wish that there were programs for our special needs children that would last until at least the age of 25 or 30, so that they have this time to learn a type of skill or trade to make a living.  But it seems like the programs like this are non-existent or just not enough funds and people to do the jobs. thankfully, we are in contact with his case worker in DSHS on a yearly/monthly basis, so that those opportunities that are available to him we sign him up for, especially if it a job related or social skills related opportunity. employment for autistic





Whatever our son decides to do when he is of age to get a job where he is happy, successful, treated with respect, and able to earn a living is huge and we can always make sure this does happen by asking the right questions and involving ourselves in every aspect of his success so that the training he does receive is priceless and long-lasting even after we are gone from this earth.

I think for every parent, this is what they strive for as they raise their children in this crazy world we are living in. Every opportunity is a step closer to independence and finding his way.