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Every year moms scramble to find just the right Easter basket. Will it be the candy Easter basket for $63 or the Easter Snack Gift Tin Basket? When did Easter gifts/baskets become so expensive?

The average family has 2.4 children and Easter gifts can break a budget. So here are some wonderful DIY Easter memory creating ideas that won’t be as much as your rent or mortgage.

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Bunny Paw Prints

Grab an old shoe box lid and cut out big bunny paw print to make a stencil . On “Easter Eve” use the stencil to make paw prints through your house by sprinkling baking soda in the stencil. Turn it over to make left and right feet. (the baking soda vacuums up off the carpet).

Easter Eggstravaganza

For most kids, Easter is not Easter without decorating eggs. This year was a bit different because my kids are now an adult and a teen and we are social distancing as well. So even though there will be no decorating of Eggs this year, when they were younger, they thoroughly enjoyed it and we all had fun doing it.

Follow the Ribbon

This is a simple tradition that doesn’t take much preparation. All you will need to do is buy some narrow inexpensive ribbon from a local craft store. Choose a different color for each member of the family (15 to 25 yards per person depending on how crazy you want this to be). Once the kids are in bed, tie a ribbon to each of their hidden baskets and wind them in and out of the furniture and the other ribbons until you can’t see where they began. Bring the ends to one central location (perhaps the kitchen table) as a place where your family can begin the entangled maze to find their baskets. Before you know it, everyone will be tangled in ribbons and laughs.

The Big People Egg Hunt

On Easter Sunday, gather the adults together and have them each hide one or more eggs somewhere on themselves. It might be in Grandma’s apron pocket, Uncle Bob’s boots, behind Dad’s glasses, or under Grandpa’s hat. This hunt isn’t just for the little ones, it involves everyone and is a wonderful way to connect the generations. Your family will be sure to get a laugh as the kids poke around looking for hidden eggs. No one and no place is considered out of bounds. You’ll definitely want your video camera ready for this Easter Egg Hunt.

Personalized Letter from the Easter Bunny!

What child does not get excited about getting mail? How about a personalized letter to your child from the Easter Bunny. This letter will be mailed directly to you child and talk about how mom and dad have told the Easter bunny that he/she has been good. What an exciting memory for your child!

Keep in mind that some of these ideas can be altered to fit your unique family dynamic and can be redone over and over again as the years go by. This year in these crazy times I actually just came out and asked my adult daughter if she still wanted an Easter basket(she did not say NO, LOL!). So even after 18 plus years of Easter tradition, memories are what your kids will remember, regardless of what is going on all around us family is always comes first.

Easter baskets and gifts do not have to ruin your budget in order for them to be meaningful. These are just a few ways in which you can start some family Easter traditions of your own.

Here’s to a wonderful traditions filled Easter!