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Technology has brought a lot of benefits into our lives. However, it’s also become a source of addiction for teens.

Smartphones can be a godsend for staying in touch, but if you find your teen is never off their phone, it could be a problem. The question is, how can you deal with this, particularly when it’s common for teens to spend hours on their phone? ***SIGH***

Here, you’ll discover some great tips for dealing with excessive phone use.

Set Phone Restrictions

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One of the best ways to deal with excessive phone use is to restrict it. Don’t be surprised if this causes a lot of battles in the beginning! Like any addiction, limiting access to their smartphone is going to be uncomfortable for them. So, it could help to start restricting phone use gradually.

For example, start with mealtimes. If they aren’t already, make sure meals are phone-free. Nobody at the table is allowed to use their phone until everyone has finished eating. As mealtimes don’t typically last for too long, it’s a great starting point for limiting access.

You can build up to restricting phone use at bedtimes and during the day if you feel it is needed.

Let Them Use Just One Device at a Time

How many times do you catch your teen using more than one screen? That is, they are glued to their phone, while also watching something on TV? Or they could use their phone while browsing the internet on their laptop.

One screen is bad enough, but when they are using multiple screens at the same time, it’s excessive. So, if they are doing homework on their laptop, don’t allow them to check their phone. Similarly, if they want to watch a movie, they can’t be on their phone while they watch it.

Limit Their Access to social media

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This one you might have a lot of battles about! Social media is seen as essential for teens. However, it can also be really unhealthy if they spend too much time on there.

Limiting their access to social media can help to significantly reduce screen time. If they are young enough, you can set restrictions on the phone so that certain apps can only be used during specific times of the day. This is a great way to restrict how much time they spend doing certain activities.

Set Phone-Free Days

Once your teen starts getting used to restricting their phone use, you can introduce phone-free days. These should typically be family days where you spend time together. They can check their phone when you get back home, but while you are out on your family day, nobody checks their phone. You might be surprised just how much this benefits you too.

Getting your teen to spend less time on their phone isn’t easy. However, it is necessary if you want to promote healthy development. Excessive phone use can cause a number of issues, so it needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand.