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Teens need computer skills in order to become competitive in their careers and to give them peace of mind in their day-to-day activities. Computers become indispensable tools to the teenagers. Parents need to understand that teens want to learn different computer skills such as word processing programs to make various types of invitations, make reports, format and create documents, write resumes, accomplish their assignments and write research papers. Teens also want to be updated with new information as well as to make new friends from around the globe. Even at very young ages, they have to gain new insights and abilities on the complexities of life especially in finding a decent job. In this way, they are much better prepared when they finish their high school educations and start to pursue their own careers.

Teenagers want attractive and eye bulging reports which are created using special software. The world is changing at a rapid fire pace and knowing how to do certain things on the computer is a sought after skill in the work place. An ability to properly present in a meeting room would spell the difference between getting promoted or being stuck as an assistant. I know this may sound harsh, but we like to let our teen son and adult daughter understand in lays terms that success is not given to you in this world, it is earned. This may be a little bit harder and/or longer, depending on how much education they complete and who their prospective bosses or corporations will be in the not too distant future. Life comes at you fast and we as parents, do our best to get our teen children into the right types of classes to gain new life skills and computer skills(data entry, accounting, etc. ).

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Internet Skills

Teens want to use the internet. Hundreds of tools are available to teenagers to allow them unlimited use of their creativity. Through the internet, teens learn to surf to their favorite websites, make necessary or sometimes required reports for a class or work position. Among some of the favorites pastimes of teens are chat rooms, games, blogging and other interactive sites. Free downloads are also available such as music, software, skills training and others. Through the internet, teenagers are free from spending so much money in purchasing their favorite music and movies, as well as in gaining new knowledge and other profitable skills.

With your teens gaining all of these new internet skills, it is also imperative for parents to teach and also advise the proper way of internet navigation and searching. There are always going to be sites that are dangerous and/or downright inappropriate for them, but if promptly addressed then there hopefully should be no surprises that could possibly harm them.

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Access to Jobs

The good news is that thousands of jobs can be accessed through the internet and some offline as well. It all depends on the location and season. These jobs include data entry, web and logo design, computer programming and so on. Landing on high paying jobs require the needed knowledge and skills in computers and computer applications. Of course, this knowledge could be acquired through formal education, but to freelancers, learning through the internet is profitable and worthwhile.

Learning computer literacy skills can make teenagers become useful citizens by applying what they know to their personal lives, career growth and surrounding communities.

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Teens want computer literacy skills to prepare them for a bright future, but most importantly they need encouragement, motivation and acknowledgement coming from people they trust.