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Summer vacations can be very expensive. If you go on a trip abroad with the whole family, that can easily rack up thousands of dollars. Sending your kids to summer camp can cost several hundreds, or even a couple thousand dollars. Yet no parent wants to keep their kids home all of summer just to save money.

Instead, why not take your kids on an inexpensive summer vacation? Here are three ideas for the kinds of vacations you can take.

Go Camping

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Photo by Baihaki Hine on Pexels

Most kids love camping. They love starting fires, they love telling stories, they love being allowed to stay up late. They might not love hiking necessarily, but once they’re at the camp site they’re generally a bundle of joy.

Going camping doesn’t have to cost much at all. You can borrow a tent from a friend if you don’t have one. The rest is just food expenses. If you’re making a campfire, you don’t even have to buy a gas stove.

Go camping as a family, or get a few friends together and get a whole summer camping expedition going.

Go on a Road Trip

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Driving is much, much cheaper than flying. Driving from destination to destination can be an incredibly fun way to spend a few days or weeks in summer.

For kids, it’ll be an opportunity to see a lot of different cities, places and people in a short span of time.

Try to make frequent stops. Kids can get a little antsy if they’re asked to sit in a car for many hours at a time. If you can find fun things to do every few hours rather than drive for long distances at a time, that’ll go a long way towards preserving your sanity.

Visit a “Semi-Far” Family Member

Do you have a brother, sister, cousin or parent living in a nearby state or city? Why not go pay them a visit?

Make the trip a family trip. Go visit your other family member and take your kids with you.

You can stay with your family member. Your kids will get to make friends with other kids in the neighborhood or with your family member’s kids, if they have kids.

Run this idea by your kids first to see what they think. Some kids love the idea of spending time with other family members, while others kids don’t care for it as much. Gauge their excitement levels before making plans.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

By staying with family, you can completely cut out the costs of staying in a hotel or motel.

These are three very inexpensive vacations you can enjoy as a whole family. Just because you don’t want to spend money doesn’t mean you can’t have a great summer vacation.

Enjoy Your Summer and Create Memories!