The World Autism Awareness Day
By Echo Armman

April 2nd of 2008 is the first World Autism Day, which was designated by the United Nations General Assembly following the adoption of the Qatari resolution at the end of 2007.

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Autism is a kind of neurodevelopmental disabilities. Children with autism show symptoms like communication problem, repetive behaviors and limited interests, and so on. Autism can be diagnosed since the baby is 18 months old, the best age to prevent autism is from 36 to 40 months old. The cause of autism has not been known yet, all vaccinations, televisions, thimerosal, mercury and pitocin are suspects.

In America, 50 percent of autistic kids can graduate from schools at a proper age. Unfortunately, many kids with autistic signs are not diagnosed before 7 years old in Africa and Asia. Experts suggest that all babies should take autism examination twice between 18 months old and 24 months old, because early diagnosis and treatment are extremely important for preventing autism.

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There are many celebration activities all over the world on April 2nd – World Autism Day. “Autism knows no geographic boundaries – it affects individuals and families on every continent and in every country,” said Suzanne Wright, co-founder of Autism Speaks. “The celebration of World Autism Awareness Day is an important way to help the world better understand the scope of this health crisis and the need for compassion and acceptance for those living with autism. This remarkable day – the first of many to come – promises to be a time of great hope and happiness as we work to build a global autism community.”

The World Autism Awareness Day of 2008 – and the first World Autism Awareness Day ever is coming soon. Let’s hope that this especial day could raise awareness of autism and be truly helpful to autistic children and their families.

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