GPS Tracker Hidden in a Cute Stuffed Animal

Mini GPS Tracker

Mini GPS tracker under 3 in. long & weighs less than 2.7 oz!

Up to 14 day battery life!

Geozone Boundary Guard Alerts Included

SOS Location Alert Button Enabled

Comes with a Velcro loop pouch, keychain & lanyard.

Ensure the safety of your loved one, vehicle, or shipment with our compact GPS trackers





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Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker

1. Fastest GPS Tracking: Spytec GPS offers the fastest GPS tracking for vehicles, valuables, and loved ones using 4G satellite technology. Receive location alerts from the GPS tracker via our iOS/Android apps.

2. Intuitive Software & Features: Easily watch your tracker move along a map, customize boundaries, pull historical data, speed, distance, & more. Ideal for use as a kids GPS tracker or car GPS tracker.

3. Reliable Service: With more than a 99.99% uptime and a .256 millisecond processing time our cloud-based technology will meet your needs, from the parent with a single GPS tracker to the business fleet with thousands.

4. Small & Versatile: Our mini GPS tracker is only 1″ thick with up to a 2.5-week battery life. Simply set/activate and use as a GPS tracker for Trucks, Fleets, GPS bike tracker, motorcycle tracker, or teen driver tracker.

5. Affordable Subscription: Annual subscription starts at $19.95/month. An alternate month-to-month subscription starts at $24.95/month and can be cancelled at any time, free of charge. We also offer free, 24/7 support.

AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker

1. FREE SERVICE FOR 1st MONTH with easy activation on arrival. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED – 39.99 per month with a 1 year contract & includes SIM card, unlimited tracking, 60 voice mins per month, premium safety features, & more | Risk Free 30 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE | Guardian Kit Includes: GPS Device with Speakerphone, Soft Wearable Sleeve, Non-Removable Fasteners, Parent Key, Unlimited Live US Customer Care Assistance | ACCURATE & RELIABLE Continuous, All Day, REAL-TIME GPS Tracking.

2. SAFEST GPS TRACKER for autism, special needs & dementia – Only tracker with continuous all-day monitoring | Advanced Safeguard GPS for most accurate location – Know immediately if your loved one elopes & find them ASAP! ASSISTIVE SPEAKERPHONE: Talk to your child or listen in & make sure they’re ok – auto-answer for special needs, SOS call button to know when they need you. UNLIMITED Live Tracking, Customizable Geofence Safe Places, Guardians, Detailed Location & Transit History, & More.

3. INTELLIGENT iALERTS – Only with AngelSense – Auto learns daily routine for alerts when potentially dangerous situations occur: Early Departure, Unexpected Places, Late Arrival, Late Departure. SAFE RIDE MONITORING: Live Route, Max Speed, ETA, Unexpected Delays & Stops – Know if they miss the bus, get off at the wrong stop, the bus breaks down, or got off the bus but didn’t go into school. Other GPS devices only provide alerts for preset geofences, we monitor your loved one anywhere & everywhere!

4. EMERGENCY SEARCH TOOLS to quickly activate a search and rescue team, send a temporary live map link to First Responders, 911 dispatch, police officers, babysitter, neighbors, etc. See where you are in relation to your loved one and get directions. ALARM to hear where they are if hiding or lost in a crowd. WELL-BEING features like Step Counter, Listen-In, Location Activity Playback, etc. SCHOOL DASHBOARD for customization during school hours and limited access for teachers and school staff.

5. EASY-TO-USE iOS, Android, or Windows App for mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop. Auto-detects & names places, fully customizable, add guardians & set permissions, turn on & off features, decide what alerts & notifications you want and how to get them (Push, Email & SMS). NON-REMOVABLE & SENSORY SENSITIVE WEARING SLEEVE INCLUDED – Optional Waterproof, Belt, & Undershirt available. Live Customer Care from USA experts who use AngelSense for their kids + a supportive special needs community!

Jiobit – Location Monitor for Kids, Pets, Special Needs

1.REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION PLAN: Jiobit requires cellular data to track location. Plans start at $7.99/mo and will be selected at activation in the Jiobit app. No separate cellular contract is needed.

2. Live tracking in real-time at any distance – even indoors

3. Small and lightweight design allows you to discreetly clip onto clothing and shoes

4. Not only will you know WHERE your child is, but WHO they’re with. Government level encryption so that only you can see your child’s location data

5. Departure and arrival notifications to and from home, school or other trusted locations

6. No need to charge daily, Jiobit will last up to a week on a single charge.

TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker Hidden Magnetic Mini GPS

1. Real-time Positioning and Accurate Positioning: Working based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, our mini gps locator can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS, APP and Internet. It adopts the most advanced technology of GPS and AGPS dual positioning, positioning accuracy up to 5 meters.

2. Timing Boot / Shut Down Function: You can set the function of the Timing on/off, so that the device sleeps for a period of time every day, which saves power and extended standby time of the device. What’s more, In the off state, the detector can not detect the GPS signal, which is more convenient to hide.

3. One-button SOS Call: When your family in an emergency, they can use one-click to call the emergency number for help. Reserve the family number in the APP. If the child or the elder is lost, press the SOS button for 3 seconds, then the device will send SMS “help alarm!” to protect the safety of the family.

4. Portable and Widely Used: Small gps tracker is only 2.05”*1.30”*0.79”, net weight is 35g, and is very suitable for hidden; Our mini tracker is designed for elder, kids, luggage, wallet, purse, important documents, etc.

These types of trackers for your loved ones, especially those that have significant disabilities or are elderly with symptoms of dementia or otherwise, are so very valuable for your peace of mind and sanity. Eventually after COVID-19 is under control and parents don’t have to worry about being infected by their loved ones or others at school, life will eventually return to normal. With that said, most of these trackers are considered very high quality and highly rated. But…if I were to pick just two, I would go with the Angelsense Personal GPS Tracker as well as the TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker Hidden Magnetic Mini GPS.

Here are the reasons why I would go with these two. Everyone’s situation is different but for us personally, we worry about our autistic son and how people will treat him or do harm to his being, so having a tracker gives us some peace of mind and lowers our anxiety significantly.

Secondly, the Angelsense Personal Trackers is designed specifically for autism and special needs in mind. The design is brilliant and there are not a lot of bells and whistles to toy with. As long as you read the directions and charge the device accordingly it should work.

Thirdly, the TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker is so tiny but mighty in its capabilities to track individuals and even in some cases vehicles or purses(which are not as significant as people) but all the same it is very powerful.

Lastly, whichever you decide to go with or not, I think it is important to know where your loved ones are at all times, especially when they get lost. Having tracking devices on their person can honestly mean life and death in some situations. BE prepared and have peace of mind knowing where your loved ones are.