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5 Therapeutic Benefits of Fidget Spinners
By Leo Eigenberg

Fidget spinners can provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits to kids and adults who are anxious, hyperactive, nervous, or antsy. They are a simple, yet effective solution to get a child to focus when it comes to thinking, talking, or listening in a learning environment. This type of toy can feature in a variety of shapes, such as paper clips, beaded bracelets, or realistic looking pencils and pens. For adults, a worry stone or similar can make a useful option to help with stressful situations.

Here are a few of the therapeutic benefits:

Nervous energy – the fidget spinners are a simple, yet effective solution to help expel built up nervous energy. They are useful to give the hands something constructive to do, and cuts back on nervous actions like tapping, pacing, biting nails and mindless snacking.

Anxiety – this type of toy is very effective at taking away the anxiety that results from having a test, conversation, or similar and instead directs the issues of discomfort to the spinner.

Restore control – use the spinners to help with restoring control to a child or adult. It can be difficult to have complete control in a high pressure situation such as social events or tests. The fidget spinners are highly effective at restoring a certain amount of control to make sure the individual doesn’t feel out of control. This is a great technique to avoid issues with anxiety and helps to provide more security and confidence.

Visual stimulation – a further practical use of the fidget spinners is the ability to provide a soothing influence when it comes to visual stimulation. Most of the toys are designed to move or rotate in a predictable pattern. The regular speed and direction of the toy is believed to be calming to the eyes. The reliable and predictable objects are a great way to find security and feel more in control of a situation.

Initiate conversation – fidget spinners come in many different colors, shapes and sizes which can help to strike up a conversation, especially for the curious kids that will want to find out more about them.

Who benefits from using them?

This is a great object for individuals of all ages. Instead of being seen as a fun play toy, they are most suited to people with conditions related to social anxiety, difficulty with focusing, behavioral problems, sensory processing disorders, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and anxiety.

Discover more about the benefits of using the fidget spinner toy.

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