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Good Afternoon(or Morning/Evening),

We are approaching Mid Winter Break over here in the Northwest and although I am super excited to get a well deserved break, we have been gridlocked because of COVID-19 for about a Year. So looking for safe social distancing activities aren’t hard, but it can be challenging in some instances. But I didn’t give up and was able to figure out some great activities that you could do with your family this week. Before I share, just wanted to let you know that most of these activities are inside because unfortunately we were just issued a Winter Storm warning with a possible 3-7 inches of the white stuff tonight. Fun Times:-).

Order In/Curbside Pick Up

Why not order your favorite take out food from the comforts of home and have them either deliver or go and pick it up at the location. Although we don’t eat a bunch of take out, small businesses and restaurants really need you to show some love. They are really hurting during this time . So anytime you crave your favorite burger or pizza you should help these business establishments out with your patronage.

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Watch a Movie with your Family

Our family likes to watch movies together as a family and there are so many to choose from, especially now with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Philo and Discovery Plus. Pick one or if you are on a tight budget, you can also watch Pluto TV , which has some really great movies and TV shows as well that you could binge watch if you would like. We have not been to a movie theater in years because the cost is just too expensive, so thankfully we have options and can just watch or rent our favorite movies from home without the high costs of theater food, like popcorn and candy. We can provide these amenities ourselves and thankfully don’t have to wait for a matinee when the prices go way down.

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Play a Game with Your family

We love playing games with one another and enjoy that time immensely, when we can just be and savor every moment. The types of games that we enjoy playing the most are Wii Games, Jenga and Uno. These games are so much fun and you can get a workout in sometimes too, especially with all the different Wii Games that we have such as Wii Sports(Bowling, Basketball, Tennis, and Boxing) . Whatever types of games you like to play with your family, dive in and have fun. It is moments like this that I savor the most with my loved ones because that moment won’t come again, so just cherish it.

Play a Game on Your Own

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Although I suggested playing with your family, it is also great to play a game by yourself, so you can enjoy that time to relax and enjoy some me time. There are so many types of games out there online that your kids can play as well that are appropriate and also educational, so make sure you check out what your kids are playing and whom they are playing with during this pandemic. But I digress, find out what your favorites are and stick with it. I really love mystery games, strategy games, hidden object games, murder mystery games and more. Sometimes it depends on my mood as well, but when I find one I like, I try it out a few time and sometimes I eventually end up buying it because I play it so much. So since you have a week to chill with your family, why not find what kinds of games you like and give it a try.


Last and certainly not least, take time to relax and pamper yourself. As a mother/parent/wife/teacher, we are wearing a lot of hats right now during this crazy time, so make sure you take care of you. A bubble bath, a glass of wine,….you get where I am going with this, so please take the time to unplug. Your kids and hubby only have one you, so make sure it is the best version of you that you would like to put forth.

On that note, have an awesome Mid Winter Break with your family and make some memories.

By Mom Advocate