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The holidays are upon us and gifts and shopping are probably on everyone’s minds. But don’t despair if you can bake, cook, create items from the Dollar Tree and things laying around the house you are on your way to creating a gift from the heart. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that store bought items are “cheap” or “not thoughtful”.  It is just, for me personally, when someone gives me a gift from the heart and that was made with their own hands, it is more memorable. This loved one or friend took  time out of their day to create a gift for me. To me that is something special and not something that you forget easily.  

Remember to think of the person you are creating this gift for, then go from there and the rest should follow. For example, ask yourself some questions: Who is this gift for? What are their interests? And How much am I willing to spend?

Here are some ideas of Homemade Gift Ideas from the Heart: 

With a little creativity and imagination, you can make something beautiful to give to a loved one or close friend and they will surely remember you, every time they wear it. 
A Gift Mug is so much fun to create, think of all the possibilities that this can go: 

3. Plants or Flowers Gifts

Plants you grow yourself can be an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift.  A small colorful plant is probably best and can be placed in a pretty container with a ribbon.  Include a note on how to care for the plant. If you don’t have a green thumb, silk flowers would be appropriate and can look almost real.

Calendars can be made from photos taken throughout the year.  These are easy and fairly inexpensive to make online.  You make it more personal by adding special dates and names such as birthdays and anniversaries.  This is a gift that gives all year. 

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5. Homemade Food or Cookies

Food dishes you’ve cooked yourself are wonderful gifts.  Prepare whatever is your specialty such as jellies, breads, candies or cookies.  Make is personal with a label that says “From the Kitchen of…”  Decorate it with a colorful bow or ribbon and include the recipe.
Personalized gifts given with thoughtfulness and care are for all ages and worth far more than a hurried purchase just to fulfill your obligation regardless of the cost.