4 Benefits of Home Schooling Your Special Needs Child

By Lisa L King

My son has cerebral palsy. He has achieved everything the physicians assured me he would never accomplish. He is talking, adding, subtracting, telling time, reading, and he is not in a wheelchair. I am a schoolteacher myself. I decided after he was born to dedicate my life to helping him achieve his goals. I have been his teacher, physical therapist, speech therapist, and much more.

Homeschooling my son has been the best decision for him and me. I use the computer a lot. He has trouble writing so it’s impossible to test him without the use of the computer. Teaching my son at home lets him stay at his level and advance on when he is ready. When I teach him at home, I know what he is learning and what subject matter he needs to repeat. I can provide one on one instruction which is crucial to his learning. I make learning fun for him. I use several educational sites via the internet. I also purchase mailbox magazines books, the same one the educators in the public school use. Online auctions have tons of homeschooling materials for a very reasonable price.

So, the four benefits of homeschooling my special needs son is to monitor his daily progress, provide one on one instruction, concentrating on problem areas while advancing in other subject matter, and make learning a fun and rewarding experience. My son has learned so much from me and I know you as well can help your child achieve his or her maximum potential without worrying if they are getting the education they deserve.

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